Over the years, we’ve developed an approach to supporting system change that draws upon and integrates a wide range of disciplines and practices. We describe our process as being ‘design-led’ because this best captures the multi-disciplinary approach that values different skills, knowledge and practices as sources of creativity and innovation. However, the label matters less than the results it achieves.

The Thrive process accelerates culture change, empowers and motivates staff and leverages the resources, skills and capabilities from across the whole system to improve service delivery and planning in ways that enhance quality of life.

It is a participative, social, learning-and-doing process, where mindset is as important as methods.

No document alone, whether a colourful brochure, nor a black and white board paper, can achieve the social and emotional impacts necessary to change the world. All we aim to do with this booklet is share some of the frameworks and tools that we use in order that others can pick them up and play with them.

None of the tools we describe require anything more than a bit of flip chart paper and a few pens to use. They are not dressed up in ‘designerly’ templates that are impossible to recreate. In fact, we’ve gone the other way – to use the tools, you’ll have to sketch them out yourself. There’s a reason for that.

The tools and frameworks are not ‘the answer’ and completing the templates is not an end in itself. They are simply platforms to spark new conversations about different things. Their purpose is to support an iterative process of developing and sharing fresh insights and developing new services, together and we encourage you to get your hands on them, adapt them and develop them to suit your needs.

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