We will help you through a creative process that begins with new conversations, builds trust along the way and leads to a different way of working

Better by design

For us, implicit in the specified outcomes for the Better by Design programme (organisations becoming more sustainable and having more social impact), was the requirement for them to work differently. In our experience, people and organisations work differently when relationships change. Relationships between each other as colleagues and relationships with others outside the organisation, be they commissioners, clients, service users or stakeholders.

When relationships get stuck, organisations tend to get stuck. How creative or innovative can a workforce be when people’s timme is dominated by agenda-driven routine and reporting, aimed solely at constructing and delivering plans to control activity? Culture and patterns of behaviour in these organisations begin to get ‘sticky’, often with the same courses of action being repeated time after time leading to outcomes that could have been better.

Throughout Better by Design, we attempted to work with the participating organisations and their stakeholders in ways that changed the relationships between them. We wanted to change the conversations they were having with each other. Change how they talked and, crucially, listened to each other. In this way, dialogue became more authentic and meaningful, which in turn always leads to a better mutual understanding of multiple perspectives.

And so, through better dialogue and better mutual understanding, we began to change culture.

Word Differently

What they said

"People in this organisation aren't just talking to each other in a new way...they actually look different!"

How we made a difference

Providing safe stewardship through a creative process that changes how people think, act and feel

Design-Led Thinking

Working with mindsets and methods to create the conditions for innovation and change

Culture Change

Revealing and analysing patterns of behaviour that act as barriers to change

Passion and Play

Defining work differently from control and hierarchy to empower staff