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Calling Cumbria:

‘Calling Cumbria’, the root of Total Place, began in 2008, not with an efficiency goal, but with the aim of repairing relationships frayed by a bad local government reorganisation experience.

‘Counting Cumbria’, its sister project, produced startling data about public expenditure in the county and posed tough ques3ons about how far it was usefully spent.

As a result of the work done through Calling and Counting Cumbria, local leaders were able to wind these two strands together in specific areas where things need to be improved, for example mental health or new business start–‐up. The resulting collaborations drew together leaders from health, police, education, government agencies and the private and voluntary sectors as well as local government in a new kind of conversation with each other and with local people. All in all, the projects opened a new space for the people of Cumbria’s personal involvement in redesigning services with hard‐headed analysis of costs and value‐added.

Through Calling Cumbria it was possible for a wide diversity of people to come together, have frank and meaningful conversations, reach a deeper understanding of one another’s situation and generally improve relationships.


What they said

"People in Cumbria are up for change. The new kind of conversation has helped people develop a common view of what needs to be addressed and can only be addressed together."

How we made a difference

Involving the people of a place in a new conversation about how public money is used to improve lives

Change Relationships

With a change in relationship comes a change in mindset, this opens a door to possibility

Change the Conversation

Good dialogue happens when people talk and listen to each other

Open-Up Creative Space

People will share experience and generate ideas if the right conditions are set