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East of England Regional Collaborative:

In 2011, we were commissioned by Improvement East to design and lead a series of working sessions for a collaborative of public service professionals exploring issues and services for high contact families. Following a short period of outreach work, Lynne and Richard brought together a cross‐section of professionals from around the East of England region to create a network of shared experience and ideas.

Through a series of four workshops they explored the issue of “high-contact” or “high-demand” families, gathering a number of perspectives to form a shared view of the “whole picture” and working with a range of methods and tools that participants could use in their own work to encourage new thinking.

In each place across the region, teams focused on a small number of high‐contact families, under a variety of different banners such as Family Intervention Programmes, Integrated Teams or Team Around the Child arrangements. Also then known as “families with multiple problems”, these families were increasingly addressed by a range of central and local government initiatives. The aim of bringing together a regional collaborative was to broaden and deepen perspectives and in so doing, begin to uncover patterns of activity, behaviour and learning that could be identified as important factors for success and built upon to develop a scalable model for change.

The regional collaborative was a beginning. In the workshops new connections were made, patterns were identified and the seeds of future innovation were sown.


What they said

"Changing just one service, agency, team or relationship will not create sustainable improvement."

How we made a difference

Bringing together distributed experience and learning to inspire new thinking and ideas

Recognising Patterns

Taking a more meta-view to understand wider context and opportunity and to generate fresh insights

Strategic Design

Attending to the re-design needs of an entire service ecology, not just front-line elements


Putting people at the heart of service design, taking into account the relationships that exist between them