Empathy maps are a way of thinking through who the users of the service are, bringing together the thoughts, feelings and experiences of individuals visually. They are created by individuals in organisations who want to better understand their customers or users and their relationships to the organisation.


Empathy mapping helps to create a more holistic view of customers or users and considers what they hear, see, feel, think, say and do in their every day lives and the problems and opportunities. They help organisations and staff to consider what customers and users might want from a service or product, helping them to understand how services can meet their needs. This is vital to ensure effective and useful services.


An empathy map has eight segments:

  • thinking
  • feeling
  • seeing
  • saying
  • doing
  • hearing
  • pain
  • gain

Simply draw or print out empathy maps as per the example below and either work by yourself or with others to put yourselves in customers’/users’/clients’ shoes, filling in each segment based on their experiences. You can add/remove segments that do/don’t apply.

Download the Empathy Map

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